Our users enjoy getting high-quality academic writing assistance from us. We are confident that utilizing our services in good faith is important in terms of academic integrity. Thus, we developed our Fair Use Policy to help our customers enjoy our partnership.

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Our Fair Use Policy takes an important part of our Terms and Conditions. In case of any conflict between the Policy and other website`s terms, the points mentioned in the Policy should prevail.

The Policy explains how our website should be utilized, as well as suggests efficient guidance about any misuse.

What Is Fair Use?

We are working to provide students with exclusive support and guide them through any difficulties encountered in their studies. As seasoned tutors, we provide our customers with multiple tools and instruments to make their studies more structured and profound.

By ordering our assistance, you will not only improve your academic performance but also deepen your expertise. Please, read our Policy to figure out how our papers should be treated.

Our writers work hard to help students cope with their academic challenges. Some students are not capable of handling their assignments because of the complexity of the programs, as well as the vast amount of materials to be studied.

All the Papers and information received through our website should be used only for research purposes. Any academic misconduct should be avoided. The writer can present the basics of your topic, which will help you create your own paper.

Our papers are created to serve the following educational purposes:
  • Provide you with the basic ideas and understanding of the topic under investigation;
  • Clarify the instructions of the particular assignment by providing a sample created in accordance with these requirements;
  • Provide you with detailed guidance on how to deal with the particular academic task;
  • Help you create a plan for your further research and writing;
  • Equip you with appropriate conceptual and terminological expertise that will be used when dealing with the particular academic topic;
  • Assist you with structuring your knowledge by providing you with a logical framework, which will help you create your own papers;
  • Provide you with a list of resources that can be used as references in your research.
Papers from our website should be treated as follows:
  1. To capture the overall idea to create an authentic paper following your guidelines;
  2. To get the additional resource to study the topic being analyzed;
  3. To make sure that your comprehension of the topic is accurate and that you have considered all the important aspects;
  4. To understand the most important points of the topic outlined by the professional writer to boost your own writing inspiration;
  5. To shape your insights, arguments, thoughts, and ideas to create your own paper;
  6. To help you understand how to oppose contrary views;
  7. To make sure your paper complies with all the referencing, citing, and quoting conventions of the required formatting style.

We highly recommend you avoid submitting our papers as your own creative work. We encourage students to maintain the principles of academic integrity by following the rules established at their educational institutions, as well as good sense.

No Plagiarism

Plagiarism is a kind of academic dishonesty, which arises when a person uses someone`s work without mentioning the authorship. You should know that it is a matter of academic integrity since it is a violation of the commonly accepted academic standards.

We have zero tolerance for any form of plagiarism

If you decide to submit any of our papers as your own work, you will suffer being deprived of getting appropriate knowledge. Thus, it is better to create your own customized work using the ideas provided by our proficient writers.

Ensuring Fair Use

By using our website and/or our services, you agree not to submit any paper as your own creative work or claim your authorship rights on the papers received from us. You are free to ensure the authenticity of your paper by reading our “What Is Fair Use?” section. Alternatively, you may use reliable plagiarism-detection software, such as Turnitin, to ensure the originality of your paper.

You need to accept and agree that our papers are just samples that should help you understand the academic material. We maintain exclusive rights on distributing our papers. Also, we provide our customers with a non-exclusive license. It enables you to use our documents in a non-commercial manner without further distribution.

If you decide to use our services contrary to our Policy, you should be ready for all the consequences related to the regulations of your educational institution, as well as state legislation. By using our services, you agree to indemnify and save our website against all liabilities for anything done or omitted by you in case you didn’t act in accordance with our Policy.

If you disagree with our Policy, you should not access our website and services.

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We are always ready to address the concerns and inquiries of our customers, as well as assist them in maintaining academic integrity. Our Compliance Team is always available to tackle the cases of unfair use of our assistance. We ensure anti-plagiarism measures and perform post-order compliance to make our cooperation maximally successful.

In case of having any questions about our Fair Use Policy or concerns related to any violations, you are free to get in touch with our team via support@academicwriters.pro.