If you’ve landed on our website, it means you probably have a case study assignment to write. Many psychology, sociology, business, and anthropology major students wonder how to write a case study and have the same issue and ask the same questions as you: is there a case study academic writing guide that can help make sense of the endless list of instructions? You’re in luck, as our pro academic writers have compiled such a guide to answer your and many other students’ question! When you finish reading this article, it’ll be up to you to decide whether to go on with your research or opt for a more painless solution.

The Essence of the Case Study Assignment

If you have a case study project, the first thing you need to understand is its definition and specifics. Our case study academic writing experts are ready to share their knowledge about case study writing and back you up when needed! A case study is an in-depth study of a social unit, be it a person, group, community, or event. Its sole focus is on the unit, and its goal is to find out factors influencing that unit, as well as the relationship between them. Case studies are used in multiple fields, but especially in social studies, as they are designed to analyze the life of a social unit. They tend to be selective and focus on one or two issues that are crucial for understanding the considered system. The main characteristics of this assignment are:

  1. Small number of studied subjects;
  2. It studies its subjects in-depth and in detail;
  3. Can be qualitative as well as quantitative;
  4. Needs to cover an adequate length of time;
  5. Continuous in its nature.
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Pros and Cons of case Studies Worth Considering

Case studies are undoubtedly a valuable and crucial form of research as they’re used in a wide range of fields and industries. However, like in any other research method, there are many pros and cons of a case study to consider. Here is our case study academic writing list for you to check:


  • Intense study. As an intensive study of a unit, it provides in-depth and rich data related to the case.
  • Reality-based. It provides a real and detailed picture of the case.
  • Giving new insight. It has the ability to provide insight into a phenomenon that couldn’t have been studied any other way.
  • Diverse. You can include several methods like interviews, surveys, and observations in one assignment.
  • Turn opinions into facts. Facts can be verified with the data of a case study.


  • Hard to replicate. Many studies are unique in their setting and subjects, so their data cannot be corroborated.
  • Researcher bias. Case studies mainly depend on the researcher’s interpretation of the acquired information, and they can be biased in their assessment.
  • Time-consuming. The data collection process can be intensive and long, sometimes spanning for years.
  • Cannot be generalized. As a case study mainly focuses on one person or a little group, the results cannot be applied to the whole population.
  • Possibility of errors. The method relies heavily on participants’ memory and judgment, which are unreliable.

Case Study vs Case Report. Often Confused Terms

Case study and case report are often used interchangeably, but there is one particular difference between them that sometimes even case study academic writing experts might not know. The explanation our academic writers provide is that case reports are descriptions of practice without the application of research methodology or real-life implications. The main goal of a case report is to describe the study and not to determine its cause and effects. A case study is an empirical inquiry that investigates a phenomenon in a real-life context, involves several research methods, and is described in great detail. On the other hand, a case report is often a brief document that provides only a first exploration of a phenomenon.

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Case Study vs Experiment. Explore the Differences

Case study and experiment are two distinct study methods used in various disciplines. These research methods enable a researcher to analyze their subject using different approaches. While the case study can be about an individual, a group, or a specific phenomenon, the experiment involves two groups or variables that are used to test a hypothesis. Here are some handy comparisons our case study academic writing professionals prepared for you.

  • Variables

Case study

Doesn’t test the correlation between the variables.


Two variables, one is independent and the other one is dependent.

  • Hypothesis

Case study

None; explores a certain subject in detail.


Being tested to prove the connection between two variables.

  • Manipulation of variables

Case study



Present; the variables are manipulated to test the hypothesis.

  • Data

Case study

Provides qualitative data.


Provides mostly quantitative data.

  • Usage

Case study

Mainly social sciences.


Natural sciences.

Case Study vs Survey. Devil Is In the Details

Both case study and survey methods are used to gather information, but there’s one pivotal difference between them. A case study conducts a long and in-depth study of a group, an individual, or a particular situation. A survey gathers data from a very large sample to comprehend the opinions on a specific matter. The crucial difference lies in the fact that case studies provide detailed descriptive data and surveys don’t. Check their characteristics side by side, courtesy of our case study academic writing pros.

  • Research type

Case Study

Used in qualitative research.


Used mostly in quantitative research.

  • Data

Case Study

Produce comprehensive data.


Produce numerical data.

  • Sample

Case Study

Varies from one person to a small group.


Large population.

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Parts of a Case Study. Familiarize Yourself With the Structure

Writing a case study is not an easy task, and it can sometimes take months to complete scientific case studies properly. Although case studies vary in size, type, and design, they must all follow a specific format no matter what. Our case study academic writing aces know the case study layouts by heart. If that’s not your case, turn to our brief summary to get a general idea of what you need to do.

  1. Executive summary. Provides a one-page rundown of the whole report and focuses on its main highlights. Can be written either using paragraphs or points.
  2. Introduction. Briefly introduces the report and concisely identifies the key problem the main decision-maker faces.
  3. Analysis. Is a substantial part of your study. Here you should examine in detail the problem you’ve identified in the previous section.
  4. Alternatives and decision criteria. Considers all the possible scenarios for addressing the problem.
  5. Recommendations and implementation plan. The previous section might have hinted at your recommendation to the reader. Still, you need to discuss all the specifics of that recommendation for solving the problem.
  6. Conclusions and references. This section is there to leave your reader with one or two impactful statements that will help to reinforce the significance of your recommendation.
  7. Citing sources. Make sure to use in-text citations for any ideas that are not your own and include their sources in the reference list. Be thorough, as your school will check your paper for plagiarism.
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What Are the Types of Case Studies?

It’s time to explore different case study types and their peculiarities. Each of them is distinct in its design, as our case study academic writing experts explain. Still, each type’s purpose is to examine specific issues in an organization, environment, or situation.

  • Explanatory. Focuses on an explanation of a question or a phenomenon. Its results are not up for interpretation and are absolute.
  • Exploratory. Is a prelude to a more large-scale study. Its main goal is to prove that further investigation is needed.
  • Intrinsic. It is a study of a case where its subject is the main interest. Most often, this type is used in psychology and focuses on one individual.
  • Instrumental. It is used to study more than one subject. The subject matter is usually an example of a phenomenon and proves its basis.
  • Multiple-case study. Uses information from different studies to make the case for a new one. It is cost-effective, as you don’t need to spend either time or money on additional research.

Write My Case Study for Me

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