Writing an academic essay is like drinking coffee. The process is bitter-sweet, and the effects are often unpredictable, especially if a student has several written assignments in a row. The academic essay writing process is demanding and time-consuming, so it takes an experienced and professional writer to complete all tasks and achieve the desired quality of papers. Our writing service is happy to assist students and provide excellent texts on different topics in response to “write my academic essay” requests.

Over the years, we have noticed that many customers are afraid to write a paper and fail more than they are to fail without submitting a paper. Our academic essay writing service can resolve an issue and create an amazing text that is original and free of errors to ensure that students receive high grades. Such papers are also great because they inspire students to learn about the format, structure, and other elements that constitute a well-written paper.

What Is an Academic Essay for Students?

Students often ask about an academic essay definition in their efforts to manage such tasks and get a grip on them. Such papers are based on a discussion of a chosen topic (an issue, idea, theory, and others) in a research paper, thesis statements and similar assignments.

The importance of an assignment is related to an academic essay meaning to a great extent. It is a tool to boost imagination, analysis and critical skills, as well as the ability to form and express thoughts clearly. For freshmen, help with academic essays is essential as they try to navigate a challenging and complicated environment of higher education. For more seasoned students, such assignments may be painful in terms of their deadlines and length. The 2 groups benefit from the professional assistance of different levels and choose to hire an academic writer and achieve better results.

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Help with Different Types of Academic Essays

Every student can probably name at least several examples of such essays. One of the first things to come to mind is articles published in peer-reviewed journals that specialize in different studies. However, that is not the information that one can use to write a successful paper. Rather, students want to learn about the specifics of each type and adapt information and style to create a good paper on a specific topic.

Our custom academic essay writing service has a systematic approach to orders based on instructions and requirements that cover different types of academic essays. For instance, students often purchase a well-sourced academic essay for general readers, a serious first-person narrative, a somewhat-sourced opinion piece, and similar papers.

In fact, there 5 main types with different features:

  1. Definition paper: is used to define theories, ideas and share interpretations.
  2. Narrative: narrates a story in an essay format.
  3. Descriptive: offers a precise and detailed description to help readers appreciate a certain experience.
  4. Expository: exposes ideas and images to make readers comprehend the main message without any difficulties.
  5. Persuasive: is created to convince readers to make a decision and take a stand.

Our pro academic writers are great at crafting these and other types, following a required structure to guarantee that a paper will be up to the standard of high school, college, and university levels. Moreover, many customers have positive experiences with buying essay of a Ph.D. level and know that a team of our experts can manage any assignment.

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An Academic Essay Structure: Pain and Practice

A text of an essay can be great, include many original ideas, well-used, and explain references, but receive a low grade. The reason for such a poor assessment can be the lack of structure. Thus, for many students, the structure is pain, but it can be managed with practice and tips from our academic writers online.

Academic Essay Outline: A Painkiller

An outline is a great tool of organizing ideas and achieving a logical flow of statements in a paper. Every text of academic value should have a beginning, middle, and end. However, there is more to it than a simple division and a few headlines. Having a good outline is about 20% of success when it comes to essay academic writing.

Interestingly, many students can write on the spur of the moment and do it well. Studies indicate that adrenaline is a great part of this process. However, even the greats use an outline to craft a text that is easy to read and understand without any points being lost in the confusion of hectic writing. For instance, J.Rowling, who is a questionable figure at the moment, has without a doubt created an organized world based on outlines. In fact, her outlines probably had their outline with multiple structures and substructures. For an academic paper, the process is somewhat less complicated and focuses on a structure.

Pay 10% less than industry-wide price by receiving 300 words instead of usual 275 words per page.

Parts of an Academic Essays: Solving a Puzzle

The components of academic essay are always repeated and are often included in a grading rubric. Thus, students should learn the most demanded and typical structure of an academic essay to complete papers without much stress. For most essays, it takes up to 5 paragraphs to develop an idea. Longer papers integrate such structure but expand on every element to maintain a balance of data and analysis.

  • An introduction.

The first paragraph should introduce readers to a topic, have a hook, and provide a thesis. It is important for papers to indicate the relevance and importance of a discussed matter and, if applicable, point out the most interested parties (researchers, students, the general public, and others).

  • A body paragraph: Statement 1.

When you have professionals who write academic essays for money work on your assignment, you always get a few paragraphs with different ideas and arguments to support them.

  • A body paragraph: Statement 2.

It may be a good idea to add an opposing view and debunk it based on arguments and evidence.

  • A body paragraph: Statement 3.

This paragraph should support the thesis with additional evidence to convince, explain, or offer analysis.

  • A conclusion.

Every paper needs a conclusion that should refer to a thesis sentence and sum up the main ideas. Discussing possible implications is great if appropriate.

A professional academic writer for students can help understand this structure better with a paper that corresponds to it. You can order it at our service and enjoy a quick and effortless process of getting your assignments.

A Standard Academic Essay Format and Its Taboos

Apart from the need to write an outline and adhere to a structure, an academic essay also requires following a format.

  • Style matters. The notion of a format can refer to MLA, APA, Harvard, Chicago, and other styles. Such papers do not tolerate the lack of style and rely on the proper referencing style. Using an APA style and providing a reference page in MLA is taboo because such assignments need consistency.
  • Language is essential. The vocabulary of a scholar is something to admire. Lexical facts suggest that while some people use about 50,000-70,000 words in their works, 20,000–35,000 words are enough for students. You do not have to use them all, but try to find a synonym to avoid redundancy. Repeated structures, slang, and errors are also taboos when it comes to the format of an academic essay.
  • Personal pronouns should not appear. Interestingly the use of “I” and “we” is taboo. However, if you are an integral part of research (for instance, for participant-observation and other methods), then it is good to include your biases and life experiences, reinforced by the use of “I.” It is best to clarify the matter with an instructor because even taboos have exceptions.

The Best Academic Essay Writers and Their Solutions

Our online writing company has created a space for students to interact with amazing writers who have experience with creating different assignments and can share their knowledge with customers. You can buy an academic essay and have a great writer work on your paper or choose your expert based on what you need. We have writers with different backgrounds to help every student online.

Professional with BA, MA, and Ph.D. degrees. Depending on the specifics of an academic paper and its level, a certain writer is required to ensure that an essay is written according to the demands of a high school, college, or university level.

UK or US writers. As it was indicated above, language is important. Thus, our customers can choose to work with a UK or US writer. Moreover, it is possible to ask an expert to use simple English if needed.

Proferred writers. When students pay for academic essay, they can cooperate with the same writer on different projects to guarantee that every paper has the same style, vocabulary, and quality.

The top 10 writers. We appreciate our writers and have a list of the most talented experts who have done it all and received the best reviews from customers. Working with one of such experts is a clear path to success. Please note that such an option is a part of VIP services.

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Academic Essay Writing Services for Students

While many components constitute a great paper, the final result is a product of precise writing, careful editing and proofreading. When an essay is important, we highly encourage you to order a complete package and receive inclusive support that guarantees premium-quality texts for customers.

Academic Essay Editing – A Step to Perfection

Every good paper should be edited to ensure that it maintains a logical flow of ideas and does not include any stylistic or grammar errors. Our professionals can edit your paper and even improve your text (for instance, a thesis statement, conclusion, or other parts if needed). Notably, good editing can save almost any text and enable students to show their knowledge of a topic by writing a text and get a great grade with the help of editing. Our academic essay editing service offers help that brings confidence in the final result. Notably, students can order editing as a separate service or as an additional service when they buy academic essays.

Academic Essay Proofreading

Proofreading entails minor changes related to grammar, punctuation, and the choice of words depending on the specifics of a paper. Proofreading should be a habit for students, however, with short deadlines and increasing workload, it is often too tempting to submit a paper without proofreading it first. Our editors can help with such a task and guarantee that the final text is free from errors.

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Benefits of Our Academic Essay Writing Help

We are the best academic essay writing service for students because we provide reliable quality guarantees and ensure confidentiality, thus making cooperation with professional writers risk-free. Students choose our company to enjoy premium support with multiple advantages.

  1. Total privacy. We maintain the identity of every customer hidden from third parties so that even writers do not know students’ names. This confidentiality policy is applied to every transaction and communication channel.
  2. Original texts checked for plagiarism. Students receive academic essay help of the best quality because every text is written from scratch to correspond to specific instructions. Customers can order a full PDF plagiarism report to see that every quote is cited properly and no part of a paper is copied.
  3. Free revision. If your academic essay writer does not cover all the points from the original instructions, you can ask for free revision within 48 hours. Notably, papers that are 20 or more pages have an extended revision period of up to 14 days.
  4. Money-back guarantee. We guarantee high-quality essays and have a money-back policy for cases when the quality is compromised (note, this almost never happens).
  5. The best prices on the market. Students who search for “online order academic essay” get the best deal at our services. Moreover, we provide 300 words per page instead of the usual 275 words and enable customers to save money. We also provide additional discounts to make our assistance more affordable.
  6. 24/7 support and paper delivery without delays. We are always available for customers and are happy to help around the clock. We also guarantee that your paper will be created on time.

Our regular customers know that there are many other advantages of working with our writing service and leave positive feedback. You can join and be among students who use help to learn more and improve their performance.

Buy Academic Essays Online and Enjoy Custom Papers

It takes a few minutes to order papers and get the best writer online. Kindly enter essay details in the order form, proceed with payment, and get your text when it is ready. You can order additional services such as tables, charts, and graphs to make your academic writing more persuasive. We work hard to address your needs and make your studies better with every assignment.
Enjoy essay academic writing with quality guarantees and get the best help online at our service. You can cooperate with amazing experts and learn more from your academic paper writer. We will improve your grades and assist you when needed.

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